Saturday, April 10, 2010

a crafty tick tock

Our Easter 2010

Last Sunday, I slacked and didn't take pictures as the kids found their baskets left by the Easter Bunny. (With all the bad weather, we called off the egg hunt and everything was indoors. Our school district even had a snow day on Tuesday the 6th because of the storms we had got.) The girls had a watch face inside their basket (along with eggs filled with coins) and Cruz had a new Ferret Webkinz.
So on Thursday night, as Jacob was finishing finals, my friend brought over her huge collection of beads and we let the girls make their wristbands. McKay is now addicted and is already talking about doing more. The faces were between 3 and 5 dollars each so if you had the bead collection started it's not an expensive hobby.

Cruz was happy with his toy too. When he names his Webkinz toys he picks out a truck / tractor / equipment name. There are Bobcat, Tractor, Cement Mixer, Dumptruck, and Wheel Loader to name a few. When he was deciding a name for his ferret, he went to his box of trucks and picked out a Road Grader. I was surprised at how well he chose for the resemblance of them both.


Loni said...

Very cool and creative! I know what Allie's going to want to do now. They look great!

Alice said...

Erika gave me one of those watches for Christmas and I really like it. The girls' watches were really cute as was Cruz' webkinz. We are looking forward to visiting this summer.