Wednesday, March 31, 2010

She's been JAMMED!

I'm not sure how I should start this post, one way is......
My name is Amy and I am a Turbo Jam addict.
The other way is.....
Poor Sarah! Sarah (Jacob's cousin) has been substitute teaching in Boise and decided to visit us for Spring Break. Luckily I volunteered to become her personal trainer and get her fit for the week while she's here. Actually the truth is I like to work out, but love to work out with someone else, sometimes a little too much. It's always funner to have a workout buddy. Dang endorphins, they'll get you every time.

So on Monday I started her on Turbo Jam. 3 workouts (1 1/2 hrs) consisting of 2 cardio and an ab workout.. Tuesday followed the same way with 3 more (1 hr 50 mins.) Wednesday I took it easy on her and it was only 2 workouts because I had commitments Wednesday night.
We are both sore. Our abs and core scream when finished......but yet it feels so good!
(Kirsten's interpretation of when we are finished.)


ShayLynn said...

Does it really work??? After I have this baby I would love something other than the treadmill to build muscle. Is this the same thing you did when we were roommates?

amy k said...

Shay, It's not the same one. I got this one right after I had Katanya in 2006. I did it to lose the baby weight and for muscles and it worked for me. I still love it. I get so tired of the treadmill also.

Back to the days of roommates, that was some of the best!

Loni said...

Wow, sounds intense!