Friday, April 22, 2011

12 Years Today....Happy Birthday McKay!

12 Years ago, McKay made me a mother, a rather young mother. Married at 18, pregnant at 19, and a mother just before I turned 20. Who ever would have guessed? She was sent to me with a reason and purpose.
I've always said this little girl is my angel. She saved me. In my rather sidewards ways, just holding her and realizing that this perfect baby was sent from my Heavenly Father made me realize how much I wanted the gospel back in my life. I wanted her to be mine forever and not just in this lifetime.
I'm so grateful that she is my daughter. You always want your kids to be better than what you are / were and I know for McKay that the sky is the limit!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart.
Love you.
P.S. Can you believe that in another 12 years, this could be a possibility?


hanner said...

aww, this was a really sweet post. happy birthday mckay!

Hester said...

McKay! Happy Birthday! I was so happy when you and McKay joined our family. I still remember the first time I met both of you on her 2nd birthday. Can you believe its been ten years already?

grannybabs said...

First children have a way of changing us in ways we didn't know even existed.

Happy Day to you McKay!!

Jacob said...

I think 12 years is a stretch ... she will probably graduate from college in 8 or 9 years. Let the fun begin.

Jamie said...

I remember holding that sweet little baby in my arms & thinking I was the luckiest aunt alive. I still love her just as much & feel the exact same way today as I did back then. Love you McKay!!

Merilyn said...

Boy that picture brings back a lot of GOOD memories! I love McKay so much and I am so glad that she is a part of our lives. Thank you Amy and Jake - for continuing to include McKay, and your whole family, with our family. We are BLESSED! Love you!

Laura said...

The pic of you and M is so darling!!!