Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Soap Wars & Weighing Pennies

It was "Science Fair Project" time again last week. The kids had fun doing their projects and finding their conclusions.
Kirsten decided to do "Soap Wars." Which soap lasted the longest in the showers. We tested this by her washing her hands for five minutes and then I washed my hands for five minutes with nine different soaps. My hands smelled nauseating afterward. My conclusion was Ivory was the worst smelling of them all. Kirsten didn't place in the 60 entries of 3rd graders but I'm proud with the work that she did.
This was Cruz's first entry. He decided to see what his weight equaled in pennies. It turned out to be $73.50. He placed first in his Kindergarten level.


Earl and Vickie said...

On the soap thing, we found that if we wanted to extend the life of bars of soap, we open the packaging and let them dry out in storage prior to use, there is a lot of moisture in some of the soaps. They want you to buy more soap. One test might be to buy the soap, open them and weigh them and then weigh them again after some time has passed....... Our school doesn't really have a category for kindergarten participation.

laughing in the rain said...

those are some good ideas for science fairs. I wonder if the year the penny was made (old pennies are heavier than new pennies) would make a Way to go Cruz and Kirsten!

Jacob said...

Kirsten got her score back yesterday ... turns out she placed 6th out of 60. Not bad. Kirsten summed it up best : "Dad I think that they just don't appreciate good science."