Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt Idaho Style

We opted out of the school and cities Easter Egg Hunt this year and did our own. It's always nice when you have acres and acres of property. So Jacob went out and hid them behind the dirt piles.Then the kids went looking.
The kids were so excited. They looked along the piles, the trucks and equipment.
They looked in the open fields.
Some were easy....
And some were a little more hidden.
But after an hour of looking for their own 30 or so eggs...(I forgot to count the eggs that were color coded for each kid so they got the same amount and same yummy goods)
Jacob had to go through and help them find them all, sort of.


Merilyn said...

You'll probably be finding those for awhile :)

Laura said...

That looks so fun to have them so spread out. Easter egg hunts are the best!! Great idea to color code them too!