Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Birthday Paradox

In Idaho, the science fair was in April. Here in Texas, it is the last of January. I think I prefer it this way. Kirsten had to pick and choose a project (and get it cleared) by the first of December. So at least we knew what we were doing.
Kirsten, (with the help of Dad) chose to do the Birthday Paradox. This paradox states that in a group of 23 random people there is a 50% chance that at least 2 people will share the same birthday.
Kirsten gathered a lot of names. She wrote everyone in her family down, went to work with Jacob, and asked everyone their birthdays, and even McKay helped and took a couple lists to school to have people in her class fill out. Her theory proved true. Out of 35 groups (of 23 people) 55% had the same birthday. (This project fell under the mathematics section.)

Kirsten has done the science project every year and every year she had fallen short of first place. She just wanted one first place ribbon. Before school started, I told her that her project looked great and she had put a lot of work into it but because there was 8 classes in her grade (175 fourth graders) to be happy with whatever she got. She came home ecstatic! Plus her first place qualifies her to go to Region's in Austin. Way to go Kirsten!


Haley said...

Way to go Kirsten! That's awesome!

Hester said...

you are much more creative than I ever was. Nice one Kirsten!

grannybabs said...

That is a creative project - and for years I was in the thick of science fair projects - I was so grateful to get them over with!!

Congrats Kirsten!

Alice said...

Good job. I hope that you do well in Austin. We are so proud of you.