Friday, February 03, 2012

Biting your tongue

Cruz finally lost his first tooth right before Christmas. He asked me when I was going to pull it out. I didn't really want to so I had put it off. One night he finally asked again and I looked and it was so loose that he could bend it all the way forward and back. I told him I wanted to wiggle it. I did, and he said a quick "ow." He then said, "Mom promise me you won't try to pull it out" Little did he know the tooth was in my hand. The next tooth he lost sometime on New Year's? We were playing a game and Jacob said, "Cruz, when did you lose your tooth?" He didn't know. I think he may have eaten it. So on the next tooth, (last Sunday) this is what the tooth fairy found. (Cruz doesn't like leaving his teeth under his pillow. He leaves it in a bag on his dresser.)
When did the tooth fairy become Santa? (I do like the fact that he said "Love" Cruz.)


Hester said...

nice. I like it. You should have seen the letter Hazel left for the tooth fairy a few weeks ago. She kindly requested (on saturday night) that the tooth fairy gove her the money but leave behind the tooth until tuesday. Hilarious.

Maddy Grace said...

hey see it this way the tooth fairy gives money so why not ask for something that costs money. it is just cutting out the middle step :)