Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm a Mormon

This year the theme for the youth is "Arise and Shine Forth, that every light be a standard unto the nation." (D&C 115:5)
Our ward ordered "I'm a Mormon" t-shirts for all the youth and the leaders. On the front it says, I am a Mormon and on the back it says Our youth wear them all the time. The girls in middle school all wore theirs the next day after they got them. McKay and some of the other girls wore them on our last 5k. In fact, when my friend crossed the finish line and one of the beehives said, "Good job Sister Ellett," a guy turned around and said "Sister Ellett huh? I'm Brother (so and so.) It's so important for the girls to have their own light, even if it's small, it just needs to be there. I love being able to be teaching, serving, and a friend to the Young Women in our ward. Which brings me to a month ago. The bishop called and asked to meet with Jacob and I one Sunday. When he came, he asked if we knew why he was here. I thought, "I just got my calling, so it has to be Jacob." He told me I was being released as the YW Secretary. I was instantly crushed. I thought in my mind, can I argue my way out of this? Then not a minute later, but it seemed like forever, he asked me to serve as the Young Women President. I was shocked. I still am. Of course I accepted. I've got a great Presidency, fabulous advisers, and great girls! Those that know me, know I am not a natural leader. I do great behind the scenes. I even brought this up and the Bishop said, they brought up the fact of how nervous I get but that they have been inspired that I am the one.

Over the past month, I feel like the girls are my own. I have such a love and want to get to know each one of them . I'm overcoming the nervous feature and I can see my family getting blessings at the same time. My own kids are patient and understanding when I've got somewhere to go or something to do. I know it's true where the scriptures say that those that are served the Lord will qualify. I'm excited to keep on going, to keep on learning, and to keep on teaching.


Anonymous said...

You're amazing Amy. <3 you!!

hanner said...

i would die and go to heaven if you were my YW president! i am sure the girls LOVE having you ;)

grannybabs said...

I served 4 years as the YW president in our ward - and I was Hannah and Eliza's leader - it was a very special time in my life - I know you will look back on these as the busiest (I think YW Pres is more work than R.S. Pres.)and best years in your church service career!

ShayLynn said...

I have served as YW's president 2 times and I still got nervous and stressed but it is so rewarding to work with the YW. It is amazing the love you develop for them and it remains even after you are released. You will be wonderful and it helps so much to have a great presidency to help you out! Good Luck!

I am sure Mckay loves having you in there! ;)

Unknown said...

It's definitly a bold statement that will strike a conversation where ever you go! I'm a counselor with the young men and in San Pedro California and they will not dare wear this shirt in public, cause they think they're too cool for that :-)) So we created some mormon t-shirts we thought they'd wear and they do now. These are the shirts: what do you think?