Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One green crazy day

Saturday = St. Patrick's Day
The girls took Saturday to heart. For the brief 2 hours I was home (due to Youth Conference) they had a competition who could dress in the most green, who looked the cutest, and the "overall winner" award. They had dad be the judge since " Mom, never picks a winner." (Yep, they know me, I love them all.) Here were the results:
Most green = McKay
Cutest = Kirsten
Overall = went to the bird.
I like Jacob's way of thinking.
Katanya spent the couple days before telling me how last year on St. Patty's Day she went to work with me and pinched the guy there over and over again because he wasn't wearing green. What a memory. She even picked out the same green shirt she wore. Cruz couldn't of cared less. In fact he didn't even want to wear green except for the fact that Katanya said she would pinch him if he didn't.

Jacob and I spent the whole day with the Youth. We got up served breakfast, went to the service projects, served lunch, served dinner, and chaperoned the dance. I stayed later and helped the "food crew" dip 800 cake balls. I don't want to see breakfast burritos, tortillas, or cake balls for awhile. I loved meeting new people and spending time with the girls and other ladies from the Stake! McKay was a great babysitter (15 hours and not one whine or phone call) and she got paid in green......jalapenos. Her favorite. : ) (And blessings of course, with other added bonuses.)

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