Sunday, March 11, 2012

The shot fired around the living room

Last Sunday, we told the kids over spring break that bedtime would be just a half hour later and they still were going to go to bed earlier. So as on schedule, we read scriptures and got ready for family prayer.
And then....someone shot one rubber band.And then it was war. The kids backed out fast! Jacob and I took our corners and it was on. (Notice the rubber band in mid air.)It's all good til someone shoots an eye out. As you can guess, one of us got hit in the eye. One of us got scared and put on safety glasses.I loved how anytime I got a good hit on my sweet hubby, he bit his lip and tried even harder.
The three younger ones joined my side and ran around gathering rubber bands. Somehow this lasted almost 45 minutes.I had a good teacher show me how to shoot and aim a couple weeks ago. (I don't know if he regrets it now.) Yes, that is a battle wound on my arm.
My target was the elbow. I think I hit the bullseye.....several times. I also think I won.
Jacob tried to take me down at the end and the kids came to my defense. Now before you think I'm a hubby beater, I took some hits and I had some pretty good welts too. Especially the one right by my belly button that lasted for a couple days several on my back. I just can't admit defeat and I never give up!

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grannybabs said...

I have always wondered why whenever there is an historic battle, there is always someone taking pictures!!