Saturday, January 12, 2013

Past, present, and future memories

Its been almost a year that my dad was taken from this earth and back to his Heavenly Father.  I still wasn't ready for it.  During the past month while I had been so sick, it occurred to me how many times my dad was this sick and he would push past it.  He had quite a struggle for many years.  I don't want to focus on the struggles or the hurt or the pain though.  I want to see the happiness and what was taught and learned.  So my first posting is this picture of when we came down from Idaho to pick grapes.  They were ripe and there were a lot.  What he thought would take the whole weekend took one day.  I enjoyed working by his side; laughing and teasing and talking.  It's something every parent should teach their children.
So that Christmas, Jacob made new lugs for him. I added the custom Smith Farms logo.  He always loved his lugs and always talked about not losing them.  It is a memory I will have my entire life.  We picked grapes every October. Most of the time the grapes were ready over conference weekend. We would bring a radio out Saturday morning and afternoon and listen to General Conference.  We worked while we learned with our family.
Love you Dad.

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