Monday, January 28, 2013

Let's Make A Deal!

Kirsten loves the science fair.  I think she loves doing her Science Fair project with her dad even more.  This year her project was "The Monty Hall Paradox."  She got first place and will advance to the Austin Regional Science Fair. 

If any of you have watched "Lets make a Deal" or "Deal or No Deal" have seen a part of the Paradox.  Its when you pick a door (say Door A, B, or C) and then one of the wrong door is then revealed, statistics show if you switch your choice, you will pick the correct door.  The odds of you picking the right door is 1/3 but when asked if you should switch, if you do, your odds become 2/3.  After testing this theory over 200 times at Jacob's work, it proved true.  62% of the people who switched guessed the correct door.

We are proud of Kirsten and her hard work!


ShayLynn said...

She is a mini version of you Amy! Sounds like she is smart like her mom! ;)

Alice said...

Conratulations. We love you.

grannybabs said...

they did away with the science fair at our school a few years ago- and it's too bad!! Congrats to Kirsten.