Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm not giving up just yet. I will finish 2012

We came back from our Thanksgiving trip to Kansas and all of a sudden we had a mountain of December Trials that blocked our view.
December 1st, I started off trying to attempt to run a half marathon in Spicewood Vineyards with my friends.  I had not prepared for it as well as I had prepared for the one in April.  Yet we were still going to run for fun.  
The course was hilly. I jogged up a slower hill and turned to see the next Texas Mountain, I responded by "Oh my Hill."  I wasn't ready for this race.  My body was done.  So I took it easy and Mandy and Stacy made it fun.  We wore our Zumba Skirts and right away we were recognized by the Stake Presidency as being from the "Old Settlers Ward."  They had come to run it too. We had also underestimated how loud the jing jing jingling is.  You definitely needed an ipod to drown them out.  The poor people that didn't.  Next year I am challenging myself to beat my time.  Next year I will push hills and strengthen more and beat that time into the ground.  Its a fun race and the scenery is amazing!   (Its still not my worst time ever though.) 
 Also, lessen learned that the only port-a-porty was just past mile one and a half.  Girls, especially moms, need bathroom breaks.   Hmmmmmm. Don't try to hold it for another 8 or so miles.
December had more challenges in store. We took them one chunk  and one day at a time because that was the only way I personally could.  Driving back from Kansas, I loved see all the Texas flags.  It felt like a real welcome home.  I don't like leaving my own home very often.  I've been at peace with the home I have with my family.  

Jake had to go to New Mexico for work and the same week we contacted the stomach flu. I also had to have a failed root canal tooth extracted (for dang near over two hours.)  I was in pain for two weeks.  Then just as I felt okay from that, we all got hit with the flu / strep / and anything else.  I actually contacted both strains of the flu and I was on my bed for a week. I tried to finish my Christmas shopping but I would go out and cry because my body ached so bad.  We finally finished Christmas Eve at 3:30 pm.  

Fortunately we had a great Christmas, although it was a little rough and achy.  I did get a new family picture ornament on with another one that represented the year but not good enough pictures.  I owe everything to the five friends who while Jacob was out of town and then while I was sick, brought yummy dinners and soups by that made it possible to survive.  That to me was all I needed for Christmas.  My friends are true friends with true gifts and I truly love them. 

We still recovered by New Years and had a great party at a friend's house.  Now I'm off to start the new year right.   (and get caught up!)  So to all of those I missed during the Holiday Seasons, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We are so excited for what the Lord has in store for us to learn and grow on.  Love y'all.

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grannybabs said...

We don't get sick often, but we usually do at Christmas time!! This year it did wait until after though!!