Thursday, July 04, 2013

Always happy to come home from the hospital

(With the convenience of Instagram and Facebook, I've been slower at posting on my blog.  I'm sorry for the repeat of some pictures.)
Kielle and I came home on Sunday.  
We have taken it easy the past week and the kids have rotated through each other numerous times a day for their turns in holding her.  After getting her through the first three days, she has finally figured out (a little more) that night time is for sleeping.  I was only able to get eight hours of sleep the first three days.  Somehow, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I think adrenaline always kicks in and you make it through it. 
With this baby, it has been a really easy and fast recovery.  Probably my easiest.  I have gotten through several projects that I needed to organize and do.  Its also weird having someone their that watches her.  I know there is a huge age gap but its actually been really nice!


grannybabs said...

Having big kids to help out really does make a difference!! Keep taking it easy though!!

Alice said...

That is exactly how I managed with nine but you need to take it easy nonetheless. Use some of that time to rest, not just do your projects.