Thursday, July 18, 2013

How five became the new Four

 Some of you might wonder why there is such a big gap in age or wonder if this was one of the common "oops" that you sometimes hear about. Here's our story.....
A little over three and years ago, I wanted another child.  I had talked to Jacob several times and our situation just wasn't right.  He was still in school, or I was working, or we didn't have the financial get the jest of it.  It was just the wrong timing.  So as time went on, all of our kids got in school, I started exercising a lot, I was called to be the YW's President and things were going smoothly, Jacob came home from priesthood meeting in October with a big surprise.
He told me that night that he wanted another baby.  I thought he was kidding.  I tried to talk him out of it.  I had a lot of selfish reasons on why I didn't want a baby.  I had also remembered someone telling me a reason about odd vs. even and I strongly agreed with it.  But.....after a lot of talking and praying, I agreed to give it a set amount of time and if it happened, it happened.  Three weeks later, I found out I was pregnant.  It was truly meant to be.  To skip a long story, one of the things Jacob called for was giving the baby a bath every night.  He loved that moment, and loved wrapping them up in the towel and cuddling with them after.
Kielle has been no exception.  Although bath time puts her right to sleep.  She thoroughly enjoys it.  Maybe cause it reminds the most of what her home was for nine months.  Jacob has also been on cloud nine since she was born.  I've had several friends comment about the glow and the smile on his face and he picked up the kids or as they have stopped by the house.
In fact, Kielle has put a smiles on all of our faces.  The kids love holding her and have been a big help.  I know they have sacrificed having their summer be rather dull and slow but as I'm learning my lesson of patience, I think they are seeing the rewards of them being patient too.  I think we are all very ecstatic that she was chosen to be part of this family.
P.S.  It is still crazy to think that we now have five kids and not four.  As we walked out of the hospital I realized that my random head count of four has been interrupted and I will have to train my mind that five is now the lucky number.

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Hester said...

you can always have another for an even 6 right? I think its great that you guys had another one. She is perfect. And Jake is a great dad.