Sunday, July 21, 2013

Come on.....brand new bike (baby)

I promise that I won't always post about our new baby.  I just want to get everything down that happened or I thought.  So bear with me.
About two months before I had Kielle, Cruz asked one night at family prayer if he could be the first to hold her.  Since I hadn't even thought about it and none of the other kids had "called" it, I said yes.  He was in seventh heaven.  While the baby was in my belly, every night he would give he a kiss.  No every night he still has to give Kielle a kiss on the forehead.  He's a great big brother.
Many of you remember the Macky (McKay's new nickname) begged for another baby back in 2009 and many times since.  When I helped Betsy as she had her jaw surgery that summer she asked me one day how taking care of eight kids was.  I answered by saying "easy."  She followed back by saying, "does that mean you will have one more?"  So when I had told her early on that I was expecting and that I would need extra help because I get extremely sick and dad would be traveling she (first) thought I was playing a mean joke, and then (second) she was ecstatic.  She has been a great big sister.  Every morning she comes in and takes Kielle, changes her, dresses her, and has her own one on one time while everyone else is sleeping (we are on an awful summer sleeping schedule.)  It's been great to have the extra "big" help.
Katanya is such a big helper before the baby.  She loves to surprise me with jobs that she has done in secret.  She loves to hold Kielle as much as she can too.  Her famous line is, "But I haven't held / loved her today."  With also being the youngest in the family giving up her spot, it hasn't been hard at  all (as it shouldn't be at seven years old.)  I secretly think that she can't wait to be able to play with her as in more than just holding a baby.
Kirsten my peacemaker.  She is only okay if Kielle isn't crying or pouting and only if she is happy.  She doesn't like it when she is sad in anyway and her feelings have always been very tender.  She also is a great big sister.  Her sweetness and care shows.  She has always been a great friend to ANYBODY and she will be a great friend to her sister without a doubt.
I guess this just means, I'm a proud momma, and 

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