Monday, September 10, 2007

Six years ago (on Sept.8)

Jake and I celebrated our sixth anniversary Saturday. I can't believe it. In six years we have....
- had 3 more kids.

- three baby blessings and one baptism.

- lived in 7 different houses.

- moved four times.

- traveled over 33 states, some numerous times.

- had 8 different vehicles.

- been to the beach 5 times.

But most importantly....

-I have loved him for 2192 days.

On Saturday night, couisn Sarah was in town and watched the kids for us that night. Jake and I finally enjoyed a night out by ourselves after 5 years. We went to dinner and walked around a couple stores and stayed in a really nice themed room hotel in town. We were given the Morroco room since we left it til Friday night to book the room. It was actually one of the nicer ones so it turned out really fun. Later Sunday afternoon we drove an hour up to Mesa Falls with the kids and walked to the lower and upper falls. Jake has said that we have traveled all over the U.S. but when it comes to our home state, we haven't done anything. We're trying.
I like how the view of this picture so I posted it just for fun.

Nate & Betsy also share this special day with us! Happy Anniversary and we love you!


Betsy said...

Still love your hair Amy. Glad that you had a fun anniversary. I wish we lived closer so we could go on more adventures together. It is always more fun with accomplices!

Keli said...

Congrats on the anniversary. You guys have certainly had a butt load of stuff going on for the last 6 years. Do you ever see it slowing down? I don't know how you do it!

Phoebe said...

Fun way to chronicle the passage of time! I loved your list.