Thursday, December 18, 2008

You know you are getting old....

(this picture is from a couple years ago....)....when you don't want to go outside at all in the snow.

I remember as a kid going out and playing for hours and hours. The cold didn't bother me when it was time to go in, I would get so upset. So now, with my kids wanting to bundle up and go out and play in the snow, am I such a wimp?

So far this year we have about a foot of snow and right now it's -5 (windchill -18). It's times like these I wonder why we chose Idaho? I haven't gone out all week, and today I finally have to toughen up and go to town. Not to mention finish Christmas shopping.

I guess it's another bummer that we are all coming down sick. I've had my share the past couple days and now the kids are all coming down sick.

Winter is just so depressing. Okay, it's not that depressing. It's just that summer wasn't long enough. We are enjoying the Christmas music (still)!

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