Monday, December 29, 2008

Our simple Christmas at home

Since New Year's Eve isn't too far away, I better get this year done and behind us. Originally we had planned to join up with the family group in Texas, but as some work came Jake's way, we decided it was better off to stay at home. The kids woke up a little before nine. We got dressed and ready to give Jake a little extra sleeping time. Here are some highlights.Kirsten has been scoping out this build-a-bear dog for months. It's my kind of pet for inside. It came with several different outfits.Cruz got some extensions for his Thomas the Train set. We can finally build a fun track. Katanya got a kitchen set (as she played with Hazels non-stop while we were in Texas). Kirsten picked out a doll as her gift to her and that has been her favorite. She eats, sleeps, and rides with it everywhere.

The one benefit for us to stay at home is there is no obligation to visit anyone. We all played all day and enjoyed knowing that we could do whatever we wanted.

Now comes the New Year and Resolutions.......I have such high expectations for next year.

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traci said...

Staying home and playing with your gifts is a WONDEFUL way to spend Christmas - when you have no family around. We should know.

Kristiana gave that same doll to Natalie - she loves it too!!