Sunday, December 14, 2008

wrapping, unwrapping, rewrapping .... deja vu

Two different perspectives of today:
For the past week I have had only one present under the tree.
Due to the littlest child, for the past week I have wrapped this same present three times. (I am lucky that I put it in a box and taped it.)
If I had better hiding places and not so curious kids, I would have no presents under the tree until Christmas Eve.
Now that we went shopping there are a few more presents under the tree.
Any guesses on how many I will be rewrapping?

Our first real storm came today. Snow and wind = bad roads and drifts.
For the first time, I am glad we still have our suburban when we traveled out on the roads tonight. Our last snow storm, (in Colorado) Jake thought that when you are not stopping, you should give it more gas and take the turn anyway. Destruction was a new hub and bearing.
The high tomorrow is 18. The low 9. So why does my thermometer say 2?


N8ster said...

High of 75, low of 60. It is, however, a little windy.

Jacob said...

Nate, why do you taunt me so?

bet[c] said...

You are still welcome here. it's 77 right now.

I hope your presents stay wrapped.

amy k said...

I want to be there! (Seriously)

Hester said...

Austin is where all the cool kids go

bonny with a Y said...

it's freezing here too - and i have wrapped nothing.

but your tree looks lovely!