Saturday, December 06, 2008

do you ever get bored while driving?

I do so while I spent time in the passenger seat I got out the camera and took nearly 150 shots of my shadow (moving at 75 MPH) just to get this ONE!

Thank goodness that the DOT likes to make cuts in the hillsides on highways ... they make a great canvas!

So really, what are the fun things you do to pass the time in the car?


bet[c] said...

super cool picture. I really like silhouettes/shadows. It is kind of elemental, essential in a way to really be able to see things in a new light. from a new perspective.

On this last road trip I crocheted, read, slept, and wrote. It was a fairly quiet trip. Sometimes I take photos while I"M driving (dont' tell nate() I've got some good ones and some interesting ones and ones with stories and of course there are the ones that got away:)

We do a scavenger hunt with the kids. I write a list of things I think we'll see. Then each of us looks for those things.
THe kids watch movies and play video games. When I think they've had enough, we listen to a book on tape. Books on tape got up all the way from DC to Idaho a couple sommers ago. Last year we tried to find lisence plates from all over the us. I think we only we short 1 or 2. We played this game twice. The second time around only nate and i had any interest left in finishing. THe kids had moved on.
There is always so much to look at and sometimes, when it seems that the landscape is rather boring, it is a good time to ponder, who would want to live out here in the forsaken place. But when you look, really llook, you can see the beauty that is inherent in all God;s creations.
sorry, I'm must be past my bedtime.

Lindsey said...

I hate driving as you well know. But The last trip we made to Denver I learned how to read the map. And how to count the mile markers to see how much longer I am going to be stuck in the car.