Friday, May 29, 2009

Turning 3 decades old

I've had a hard time with 30.
I don't want to be thirty. I like my twenties. Thirty is a whole different meaning to me. I don't like aging, or thinking about aging. I don't like it but it's something that I will obviously have to deal with.

Jake surprised me with breakfast in bed. I don't think he has ever done this. He actually woke up at 6:30 and got all the kids up and wrapped their presents and fixed breakfast. I was in shock. The kids picked out wonderful gifts and it was a great morning.For my birthday, I wanted to do a big project. It involved a lot of WORK and LABOR! Jake wasn't too thrilled. Ever since McKay had a garden last year, all my kids want one too. So instead of individual gardens everywhere, I wanted to expand the one we had to have one big "family" garden. I wanted to take the garden up to the well (hose and tap) in the yard. Jake wasn't to keen with the idea. The only way he agreed was if we could dig up the whole right side of the yard, make it 1/3 garden and 2/3 rock so he could put his play set there that he built last year. He doubled the work but of course, I agreed. (The sod we cut out was put around the in-ground trampoline in the other corner.) It was the only way I could get my way.

So for my birthday, this is what I wanted. We have had bad luck with the different sod cutters, and ended up pulling it with the four wheeler. It was also a lot more grass than I thought it was. Our muscles ache, but it's worth it (no matter how much Jake says it's not.) So tomorrow, we will get up early to finish but the kids and I are excited to finally plant our garden this weekend.

As for 30, I guess it's just my first anniversary of my 29th birthday.


ShayLynn said...

I can't believe how fast 30 comes! It is not fun and I don't look forward to it in a few months either. When I was much much younger and naive I thought people who were 30 were old and I just thought I won't be 30 for a very long time... it's creeping closer!

You still look great for 30!

Jacob said...

The sad thing is the recollection of how just a few short years ago you turned 20 which correlates to 40 being just a hop skip and a jump away. I never dreaded my 30's but 40's and beyond ... let's npt go there.

grannybabs said...

30 is NOT old - nor is 40 or 50 or 60 - because you always feel the same inside - just more aches and pains.

So revel in your thirties while you can!!