Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Wheelin' and Dealin'

Sometimes I wonder who I really married. With all the deals and trades that Jake is coming across, I'm starting to wonder if I really married a gypsy. Either that or Jake should start his own blog.....maybe called -Wheelin' and Dealin'-. Here is our next item.

At the end of May, a neighbor, I will add that we get along great with, needed some fill dirt. Not even topsoil, he just wanted some rocky fill dirt for a couple things around his house. And of course, when Jake went down there somehow these were mentioned, or seen, or who knows. I don't have all the details yet. So, he had a bunch of these playgrounds left over from a shipment. Of course you know what happens now. After four loads of fill dirt, and a total cost to us of $15 in fuel, we walked away with a playground of a value over $700. Then the guy told us to take extra slides and swings and whatever we wanted.
So 3 slides later, a treehouse, a rock wall, and with one swingset built and another that will follow later on. The kids now have a new playground. This is one trade that I actually was happy from the start. I have to admit some of the others have been a little iffy.
I didn't even think that Jake would have time to build a playset this summer. I honestly thought it would sit with the rest of the other stuff. He surprised me and the kids by only taking two days and having it completed. Wow! Maybe, just maybe, Kirsten will have to rethink and come up with a new name for him.

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