Thursday, August 13, 2009

color palette

While I was gone to Texas, Jake would wear a shirt to school (or church) and leave it in a laundry basket. When I came come he informed me that he would continue doing this until he was out of shirts and then send them out to be laundered and pressed. I quickly counted up the shirts and did the math in my head and realized that I better invest in a good iron, board, and have Betsy teach me how to "quality" iron to meet Jake's expectations.

After working on these for 10 days straight I finally finished. (Three of them ironed twice because he wore them before I was done.)

How many shirts? 55. At least one of every color. I am positive that Jake has more clothes than I do. My next ironing project, his slacks.


grannybabs said...

I actually love to iron - but my husband prefers the laundry. So I iron my own stuff. He's never had lots of shirts though - and they are mostly white.

You need to teach your girls how to iron - pay them a dollar a shirt or something - have them save up for their own car when they turn 16!!

At least you will keep the money in the family!!

Alice said...

I used to iron all the shirts for my dad and brothers on Saturday for the next Sunday. I also ironed for pay and found it quite lucrative. I got $1 an hour. (not from my MOM). My older girls did the same. We had lots of white shirts every Saturday.

Hester said...

jake, why don't you iron your own shirts? Just putting it out there.

Keli said...

I'm with Hester on this one. The men need to iron their own shirts and slacks!

But if they don't, you obviously do a great job. Better than I would do.

And I think he owns more shirts than Sean and I combined!

N8ster said...

Aspen, I will pay you to iron my shirts.

Hannahtess said...

I ironed my mom's dress once and burned it... looks like I'm out of the "ironing for money" business

Jacob said...

I spent years ironing shirts for 25 cents a piece when I was a child. I made a small fortune ironing for my mother. I especially loved it when she paid me in quarters.

I would iron them myself but I know how much work it is and would rather take them to the cleaners ... Amy offered to do it ... so I let her. SHe is great.

As you can see from the number of shirts in my closet I have a real problem with the 90% clearance racks at Khols and Dillards.The most I paid for any of these shirts was around 7 dollars some of them as low as 4.

Maybe I should treat my shirts like Harry and I used to treat our socks ... throw them away after use and buy new ones. WHo wants to wash nasty dirty landscaper socks?

amy k said...

I didn't offer willingly. I couldn't justify spending over $100 to have his shirts ironed. What I used to do was get them straight out of the dryer so they weren't "too" wrinkled and hang them up. That didn't go over with Jake.

Cassie said...

All I can say is "Holy Cow! That's a lot of shirts!"