Sunday, August 30, 2009

our working week

One week of school down and 39 more to go, but who's counting? Actually it's been pretty nice and easy with the kids in school. They are happy and enjoy every minute. I can't wait until Jacob is back in school either. He is just happier when he is there.This week was a crazy one. We had moved trees Tuesday through Thursday. On Friday we were in the dump trucks hauling more shredded bark in. Halfway through the day, we got a call saying McKay had a bloody nose and a bloody eye. Being stuck close to Rexburg in the dump truck, I called: a good friend who lived in Rexburg, the doctor, and made it to the school to still have to stop the bloody nose. It turns out (from what the nurse said at my pediatrician's office) that the tear duct is connected to your sinus so as long as it wasn't "gushing" out of the eye and the eye wasn't discolored that she was okay (we also had to watch her the rest of the day.) What had happen was her eye would fill up in the corner and she would actually "cry" blood. I didn't actually see this as it had stopped before I arrived. So this is what it looks like after working all day on Saturday. We are only "healing" (covering with bark) in the poplars as we move them for now so it should go a lot faster and quicker in the next week. Hopefully by tomorrow at noon the poplars will be finished. We are on a deadline as Jacob starts school on September 10th and I don't want to be stuck doing this by myself.There were a few questions in the comments last time that I will try to answer. Back in 2007 we got a permit to remove the topsoil and open a tree farm / nursery. The last two years we have planted over 10,000 trees and shrubs to grow and sale. The pit is the way it is for a couple reasons.

  1. It's easier to water them. No weeds and no mud.
  2. It's a barrier from the terrible Idaho wind and snow.
  3. The topsoil funded the nursery with in hopes that the nursery will eventually fund itself.

Click for one of the posts from the past on planting.


Brenna said...

I have "cried" blood too! It is weird. I had tons of nosebleeds as a kid and there was one particularly bad one that I had a hard time stopping and it started leaking out my eyes. It scared everyone I was with:)

grannybabs said...

A tree farm sounds kind of nice.