Wednesday, August 05, 2009

mud baths

Yes, we finally made it back to Idaho. It's taken me a couple days to get back with it and realize what goes where in my own house. So while we enjoyed a week and I haven't posted anything about it (highlights will come later this week) we have been enjoying the nice cool Idaho weather.The kids decided to take mud baths yesterday.
Lots of water + lots of dirt = lots of fun! The did this last year, but I think they forgot one thing........How cold it is when you get off after with well water. Cruz wasn't the only one that screamed. All five of the older kids did. The littler kids played on the safe side and made mud balls.


Alice said...

I like your header. You should print them all out and frame them. They would make a great picture.

ShayLynn said...

Cute new header! You are so creative! Mud Mud looks so fun! I bet you are glad to be back to home sweet home! When do you guys start school up there? Ours is Aug 20th which is soooo early!