Monday, August 24, 2009

sixth and second graders

This summer flew by so fast. School started today. It is the last year that McKay and Kirsten will be in the same school together. (sniff sniff) They chose their favorite colors to wear. McKay wanted a pair of Converse this year and after Kirsten saw them last night she wants a pair now too. McKay followed after Aspen's footsteps.
Kirsten is a second grader this year. She has always had a passion for school. She loves pink. She wanted her whole wardrobe pink but that wasn't really possible. After shopping for four hours on Saturday we were finally able to find a pair of shoes (for PE) in her size and that we (her and I) both liked. I started shopping in Texas for school supplies and backpacks but then I got home and things were crazy and busy again. I really should learn not to leave it to the last minute!McKay is in the 6th grade. Two years ago our district pulled 6th grade back into the elementary school. I was so happy about this. 10 years old is a little young (even though she is really smart) for Jr. High. McKay loves blue. She didn't want anything pink this year. If she had it her way she would throw everything pink that was in her closet away. McKay never has been a morning person (a little like me) and so her smile is a little off. (Did I mention that after we got them off to school that Jake and I went back to bed ourselves. The other kids were still asleep and it had been raining all day and night so it was too muddy to do the work we needy to outside. We also stayed up too late. We need to evaluate our schedule as well.)Another bonus about the school is the bus stop is right in front of our house. It couldn't get any better.It's good to see that as sister's they can still get along, talk, and be friends. (McKay's smile looks a lot better.)
The girls were happy when they got home. They both had homework and plenty of papers for me to read. I think I am ready for this again. It's nice to have a schedule. I'm already planning the pre-school I am going to do with Cruz and Katanya this year. Now everything would be great if it could stay good weather for a lot longer than usual.


grannybabs said...

I went to my classroom today to get ready for when we start on the 1st. I love summer and always had to see school start - but then it starts, I get into the rhythm, and everything is okay!!

Glad to see the happy faces!!

Hester said...

I definitely recognize McKay's early morning grimace. I see that same look in the mirror as I leave for work on a daily basis.

Alice said...

They booth seem so happy. I am glad that they like school. I was always happy to see school start again, both as a child and as a mother. I enjoyed my time with the kids but it was good to see them off. Jake has always been a night person.

ShayLynn said...

I can't believe you have one in 6th grade! There is no denying that you are their mom - you look so much like both of them! I am excited as well for getting a schedule when school starts.

Xazmin said...

I am a last minute shopper too! Our kids wear uniforms to school, and I ordered them online. The didn't get here until the 1st day of school, so the night before I had to go to Target and buy 1 uniform for each of them to wear the 1st day!

My husband and I also like to sneak back to bed after the kids are off to school if our youngest is still asleep! We're both night owls!

The look so cute and ready to learn!