Thursday, March 18, 2010

"it was like pulling teeth!"

Kirsten came to me almost 3 weeks ago with floss and asked me to pull out her loose tooth. While brushing, her older sister had told her that her tooth was so loose that she was going to fall asleep, it would fall out, and she would choke on it. Kirsten believed her.
So we tied the floss and made sure it was snug and tight.
Then she decided that she wanted to pull it herself. This was okay except for the fact that she never pulled "hard" enough.
Then Jacob had a "brilliant" idea. We tied the floss to a five pound weight and Kirsten was to drop the weight when she was ready.
After a couple minutes of holding the weight, she couldn't drop it. She set it down on the ground and went to stand up. This yanked the tooth even looser. She was near tears at this point and wanted the floss off. The problem was, the floss had slipped up around the root and the knot was hidden. Half of the tooth was clear and free with just a little root keeping it in on the other side. So Jacob cut the floss and told her to go get in bed. Now the tears came as she said she didn't want to choke on the floss too. After a careful procedure, I got the floss off with tweezers and she was left with two teeth that stuck out worse than beaver teeth. It lasted 2 weeks that way until she finally trusted me to pull one of them out. So last Tuesday night, on the count of 3 (I pulled on 2) all was said and done. The tooth was out, no tears, and a happy girl that was counting on the tooth fairy. When Kirsten came home the next day, she told me that if I hung up her coat I could pull the other one out too. The tooth came out just as easy as it was to hang up her coat.


grannybabs said...

My dad LOVED to pull teeth - so I NEVER told anyone when I had a loose tooth. They were loose for ages before they would just fall out. I guess there were too many of us to keep track of who should probably be having teeth come out!

Hester said...

One time in India we tried to pull one of Hannah's teethe out and we only succeeded in pulling off the outer layer and the tooth pulp with all the nerves was still there. She had to go to the dentist I think. All I remember is that she was super sad.

Loni said...

That makes me cringe! It reminds me of growing up and getting my mom's pin cushion. She had a homemade pin cushion with different colored spools of thread hooked around it. We had to pick a color of thread and then my parents tied the thread around the tooth and yanked. Ick. It always freaked me out.