Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the new "no chew" policy

Jacob has always had a rule of no gum. Mostly because he wants the kids to have good teeth and he doesn't like the chewing. I've always sneaked it to the girls here and there but now I have a different opinion....
A little over a week ago, I took the girls in for a trim. Kirsten was the one that needed it most but wanted it the least. We all also know that she is my most opinionated loud spoken child. So I left it to the resort and tried to bribe her. She told me for a pack of gum she would let it be cut. Deal!

So an inch was trimmed off and a couple layers put in. With her hair being so thick the layers made it easier to style (and cuter!) We didn't have to have it in a ponytail everyday. Then last Friday I noticed a chunk of hair in the garbage. A chunk of hair with gum in. After Kirsten came home I asked her where she had cut her hair. It seems that she decided to put an extra layer in the side. Thank goodness she has thick hair to cover up the "new blunt cut".

....I have a rule of no gum.


Michael and Haley said...

How funny?! I bet her hair is cute!

Loni said...

Oh my goodness! I had to cut gum out of Audrey's hair last week. I love Kirsten's new haircut. It looks so cute everyday!

Hannahtess said...

I remember the days of getting gum stuck in my hair. One time I was staying at grandmas house and woke up with gym in my hair. I learned then NEVER to go to bed chewing gum.

I miss you guys! After I get back from my trip, I think a mini trip to Idaho is in order.

N8ster said...

That's awesome. Did you see the photo of the chunk of Hazel's hair I posted on our blog?

Not gum though--user error with a pony tail holder.