Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Birthday of a Princess!

Kirsten's birthday was Sunday, August 20th. (Same as Hannah, as I have read...Happy Birthday Hannah). She had turned the big age of "4". She got to pick her cake, dinner, and treats, along with all the other choices for today. (ie: movies, games, lunches)..........Here is the day of PRINCESS KIRSTEN....
First was the pictures of the Princess with all the siblings. (We had every intention on making it to church that morning, but due to a "abnormal" reaction / rash I got the day before and Saturday night, we didn't make it. I seriously looked like an alien. It was wierd.)The "cook" made the strawberry cake but she got the best part......licking the icing.Finally time for presents. She waited almost patiently the whole day. We had our friends over for dinner, cake, and ice cream. She had chosen Hawaiian haystacks with brocolli and oranges for dinner. I was amazed that she had made such a wise choice.
A card from Grandpa with ....... Cash money. (Yo momma)The traditional pose with all the presents surrounding her. When Jake and I had asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she had a hard time trying to think of something. We jokingly asked her if she wanted a car. She looked at us and said "A real one?" Jake said "yes". She looked at us and said, "that's too much money." Then Jake asked her if she wanted money? Her reply was "Dad, you can't give me money, that's not a present." I hope she keep this attitude when she gets older. :)Peace and quiet! Kirsten snuck off to enjoy her new "Littlest Petshop" playhouse and new pets. McKay and Kirsten have gotten into collecting these cute toys the past couple of months.

Last but not least. The cake. She wanted a "pet shop" cake with a flower. So I had her choose her favorite pet shop and I attempted to draw it with icing. It was the first such attempt with anything in icing, but it satisfied her. And that is the end of our long Princess birthday. (The dress has lasted quite a few years. It was the dress when Jake and I got married that Mckay wore. It has been used as a church dress, a Halloween costume (Cinderella), and passed on down to Kirsten now. It is getting the use out of the money we spent on it.)


Maddy Grace said...

oh she is sooo cute and I love the presents hehe a car ahh the young days! Well I am glad that she had a great day she truly is a little princess.

Betsy said...

Happy Happy Birthday Kirsten Dear!!

Sounds like it was a fun day. We miss you guys. It is lonely out here in the nation of Texas!

traci said...

Happy Birthday Kirsten! Every little girl that wants one should have a fun princess dress.

grannybabs said...

When Bonny was 7 or 8 I made her a beautiful pink dress from a Vogue pattern - and you have to remember that "back in the day" long, lovely dresses were not "de rigeur" at all. So her dress was truly exceptional - especially in a place like Centerville. And when she wore it to church, all the other little girls said, "Oh, a princess dress!"

It's probably still out in our dress up box too!