Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"Uncle Axie"

So after Jake put the girls down tonight, and I had come home, I was putting Cruz to bed. Jake was holding Katanya downstairs. I put Cruz in bed and "tucked" him in. On my way out I noticed the girls bedroom door was shut. That was odd, so I wondered naturally what they were doing. I opened the door and this is what I found. The lights were out and Axel was feeding the girls a ham sandwich. Lately they have tried to pull the trick of "I'm hungry" after they are in bed. I warn them ahead of bedtime to get a snack if they are hungry so I know it's just a trick to stay up longer. Axel fell for it. Kirsten had told him she was hungry and so he went downstairs and made a sandwich. Nonchalantly he took the sandwich upstairs and "disappeared". It was quite funny actually. When Axel, Cruz, and I ran to Walmart today, Cruz insisted that Axel hold him. He has gotten used to Axel being around. (Needless to say, Cruz peed all over him.) The kids have also enjoyed playing games and teasing him. Axel introduced my kids to water balloons. Then he tried to say he didn't want to get wet. Didn't happen. They have enjoyed playing games, both outside and on the computer. I have never seen a kid as happy as McKay to watch Axel play games on the computer. He is a real good uncle to have around. On the picture below, Axel was "wheelbarrowing" with Kirsten. She could actually do it pretty good. She could go faster than McKay. McKay also liked to sneek up on him and tackle him. As for the title, Kirsten calls Axel, "Axie". He doesn't really like it, but hey it's a three year old. He told her it's either, Axel, Ax, or Axeman. Doesn't work, it's been Axie for weeks.


Jacob and Amy said...

P.S. I didn't notice Axel's tan line on his legs. He's taken the liking of being an Idahon.

Jacob and Amy said...

P.P.S. Also notice the hat....bad haircut from the housecleaner / maid at work. It doesn't come off.

Maddy Grace said...

Oh Axeman Pooh! You look so cute with the wee ones. I hope you had a good time and I bet he will love hawaii!
great pics.