Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lunch time

We took Jake lunch at the spa on Friday. The kids ran and played and I just snapped some photos. To my surprise they ended up really cute and there was no hasseling to get them to smile. Katanya keeps on getting bigger. She has graduated to the 3-6 month clothing! She also has her two month checkup this week (actually 10 weeks) along with the dreaded shots. I will post the "magic numbers" when we get them.
Kirsten and Cruz eating there lunch while they are playing. McKay was still at school.
Jake was catching a snooze after his lunch. You would think that all he does is work?
Cruz playing with a wheel. He has gotten the smile part down whenever I point the camera in his direction. I really like this picture. No one knew I was taking it.


Joan said...

You have a really cute family!!

traci said...

Wow! Natalie is still in 0-3 mns clothes. I'm hoping she stays in them for another month because oue 3-6 mn girl clothes are for winter.

Betsy said...

That is a darling picture. And I can't believe that Katanya is that big already. I have some pants to send to Mckay that Aspen has outgrown. They are practically new because Aspen grew right before it got warm last spring and so she didn't wear them that long. So look for them next week.

Min said...

The picture with Jake and the kids is a keeper. I can't believe how big Katanya is getting. It's so good to see her growing!

Jacob and Amy said...

Betsy, Thanks for the clothes! I welcome them. The batch you sent last time were pratically new also. I only had to buy very few school clothes because of that! Thanks!!!! (That and McKay thinks it's the best to get clothes from Aspen.)