Friday, February 06, 2009

Daughter and Son Like Father

We all know how Cruz is a spitting image of Jake. His looks, his face, right down to his smile. Yes, somehow dad's smile has been the way to go and Cruz has made it his own too. Yesterday, Jake was having me take his face shots and I told him to smile. He said, "tell me how." I've never had to instruct anybody on smiling so it was actually a difficult thing to teach. I think this is where Pete comes in. He could always get Jake to smile.
Anyway back to Cruz, I wouldn't give this up for anything.

Now onto the daughter. This one is the one that acts like Jake. She is my counter in every way. How many candies, how many minutes on the computer, especially how many pictures on the blog. We have had many sit down talks how the world isn't fair and not everything is the same, but we try to make everything equal. She is not afraid to express her opinion and what she wants. She is also very independent and stubborn. To make her happy all you have to do is let her pick her own clothes and do her own hair for school. I've bitten my lip many of times when she does her hair, but it expresses herself and I have to let her have some of the control too.Her hair is so thick and full that I love it in rollers. There are some days that I step forward and do her hair for school and church. And almost every time she isn't happy about this. I do miss her hair and how long it used to be. Many times I wished I hadn't gotten it cut. She took her ponytail for show and tell last week and it brought back all the memories.
I wouldn't trade this for anything either.


Hester said...

poor cruz and the curse of the male Kerksiek smile.

Kaahl said...

hey, it's really only the jake smile.

also kirsten should point out that cruz has two pics while she only has one. so much for fairness.

Jacob said...

We just need coaching.

bretandmarissafam said...

I LOVE that Cruz is the spitting image of Jake... including the smile.

Isn't funny to see what looks and personality each one comes with. Makes me more anxious to see what Eliza is going to be like.