Monday, February 09, 2009

One bear = One visit

Every bear on this bed equals one visit to the hospital. Whether it being a surgical or an emergency room visit. Katanya has the far right five. Yep, five. She's the leader. This doesn't count the visit to the ER when we were in Utah and ended up at Primary Children's. The lone yellow one is Kirsten's tonsillectomy. The most recent is Cruz's brown bear. He got this last Friday when he went under surgery to have......

(drum roll).......

9 cavities filled. Yes nine, my other three girls had perfect checkups but he was the unlucky one. They feared with him being so young that they would never be able to do them all without traumatizing him. He was as sweet as the come and all the nurses loved him. Recovery was fast!

Come to think of it, Cruz should technically have two bears. He had an ER visit in December of '06 when he tripped and fell against the only real wooden door in the house. Jake had been working for a neurologist at the time and he advised us, "if it was his son, he would do this." So Cruz had a CT scan done to make sure everything was okay, which it was. He missed out and didn't get a bear.

NOW, if you could only imagine how much these bears really cost.


Hester said...

sad. poor kinders.

PS: I like your new header.

bet[c] said...

Cool header. I like the new foot theme!

ShayLynn said...

All those visits and all your kids are doing great... what a blessing!

I LOVE your header with the valentines socks! SOOOO CUTE and creative!

N8ster said...

So Toby and I are counting up how many bears we would have since Toby was born if we got bears on every visit--do adults count? No visits for you or Jake?

We counted 15, and Toby is definitely in the lead in our family.

Nate 2 emergency room visits
Betsy 3 surgeries
Toby 6--3 surgeries, broken arm, dislocated elbow, and broke his front teeth in half ice skating
Aspen 0
Isaac 3--2 dislocated elbows and 1 set of head stitches
Hazel 1--broken collar bone

To me it is amazing that we all made it to adulthood.

amy k said...

15 wow!

Since McKay being born

McKay - 1 broken arm(in Utah)
Kirsten - 1 surgery
Cruz - 3 (1 surgery and 2 ER)
Katanya - 6 (4 ER and 2 surgery)
Jacob - 0 - WOW
Amy - 3 (1 surgery and 2 )ER

Now I only counted my married years. Otherwise growing up I had a lot more.

So our total would be 14. You got us beat. :) It also looks like Toby and Katanya are tied.

Alice said...

We were lucky and didn't have many hospital visits during the time that the kids were growing up. Axel would win though. 1 broken leg, 1 broken arm, 2 broken fingers, and multiple stitches. Hannah had a broken arm, Hester had a broken wrist, Peter had stitches, Jake stepped on a toothpick and had to go to the hospital to have it removed, Maddy burned herself twice, Karl broke his pelvis (when he was 5), Betsy had to have stitches because she was running around the pool and fell. I can't remember if anything happened to Erika. All in all not too bad for 9 kids.

Alice said...

I forgot about the crash Hannah had to have which resulted in plastic surgery and stitches.

Hester said...

hannah never forgets that mom, she reminds me that its all my fault on a continual basis.