Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No pain, no brain

I played volleyball last week and I broke a blood vessel in my wrist. It didn't hurt and I don't know when I did it. By chance, I looked down and noticed a egg shaped bubble coming out of my wrist that was as blue as a robin's egg. Since it didn't hurt, I kept playing. It's my one day a week to have a couple hours of alone time and take it out on a ball. It didn't hurt until a couple hours after I stopped playing and then it was only a night of pain, so no big deal.

Five days later, it still looks like this. The bruise is going down at this point. Like I said, it's pain free. So tonight it's back to playing.


Brenna said...

That is a crazy bruise. Wow. Good thing it doesn't hurt!

ShayLynn said...

I remember the good old days of YW volleyball and having this happen to me... I thought it only happened to me and that I was not "sporty" but it finally proves otherwise!! :)

Hester said...

way to be hard core amy