Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The best boss ever....

Jacob fixed my boss's truck last Friday so he let me bring my kids to work. It ended up taking him a lot longer than the couple hours he thought it would.
After they played all day with the dogs, played up in the tree house, and jumped on the trampoline, Kent saddled up Spanky.
Kirsten began riding it while being led but after a couple minutes, Kirsten rode him by herself.
Cruz did the same.
Katanya couldn't figure out the reins so we led her around for a very long turn too. It was a hot afternoon and the kids soon found the water.
Katanya was the first to jump in.
Kirsten was the first to fall in.
Cruz was the first to be put in.
And I was the first to be splashed.......but it won't be the last.

P.S. How do you throw your boss in the water when you know his cell phone is in his pocket and it is your job to do the books, save money, and find a way to make more money?

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hanner said...

yeah, you pretty much have the most awesome job!