Monday, July 19, 2010

Fat Lips and Mustaches


Good Ol' Ririe Days! Last Saturday afternoon my friends, Adam, John and I, got persuaded to join the baseball tournament with a team that we didn't even know. Turns out it was a pretty fun day and we came in second.

Although when asked to play baseball in the morning, I could tell I was having a pretty off day. It showed when my first catch (while practicing none the less) came to me in the mouth. Although that was my only mishap, the rest of the day I had 2 split and fat lips


Heather Hayes said...

I love the mustache almost as much as I love the plump lips! I think you need a follow up bruise picture. You're soul-patch looking bruise fits with the mustache title!

The Hansen Family said...

Love the mustaches. John's looks real... and it ages him about thirty years.