Tuesday, July 06, 2010

It's about time

Last Saturday (June 26th) we officially welcomed Summer to Idaho. I think every year we are here the rain / snow / wind linger just a little bit longer. So we got out the swim gear and built a new pool (that's another post) and let the kids play all day (week) long. We also found a storage bin from in the garage that contained the goodies from our trip to Hawaii in 2005 and broke out the swim shirts. They haven't been used since way back when.
So as the kids have grown, the shirts were shifted a little. McKay is now wearing mine, Kirsten is in McKay's (it's still a bit short) and Katanya is in Kirsten's. Cruz is wearing his and it fits (just barely). It's good to know that we will get our money's worth (As we paid $35 a piece for them. I know that's a lot but how many times will we be able to take our family picture in Hawaii?)
The kids had been waiting too long to have a nice sunny warm day.
Cruz was my guinea pig....for only a couple minutes.
And Katanya can't ever be left out.
I love these kiddoes!


ShayLynn said...

Cute cute pictures! Love the backdrop!

Loni said...

I love the way your pictures turned out! I'm going to have to come over and use that metal building thingy now. Cool.

amy k said...

It was your idea after all Loni :) You can use it anytime!

Loni said...

Yay! I will be taking you up on that offer for sure!