Monday, July 26, 2010

Like mother, Like daughter

McKay had a jammed pack weekend of fun. On Friday morning she woke up with a little pain in her hand. Nothing to slow her down. Saturday evening it hurt a little more and was a little swollen. Just a little as in the effect she had been rubbing on it all day. By Sunday evening it still hurt and was getting bigger so before she headed to camp we decided to get x-rays and make sure everything was okay. (Yes, another (very long) ER visit marked on the board.)

Turns out that my cartwheeling, (as she was doing these hours before we went to the hospital) backhand springing girl broke her pisiform bone. It was just an "chip" fracture as the doctor put it on the smallest bone in the wrist. His first question after the x-rays was does your daughter do cartwheels? Anyone that knows McKay, knows she is a gym monkey. So when did this happen? We figure on Wednesday at gymnastics but we can't pinpoint for certain. What a way to finish the summer.


grannybabs said...

Hope she can still go to camp!!

Hannahtess said...

I like that she has her two essentials with her in bed -- cell phone and remote control. Love it.