Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Our contribution to the economy....

We finally got our stimulus check from our taxes. (Just in time as the cut off was Oct.15th.) Since our food storage had depleted, we put a big chunk back into it.
In case the pictures doesn't do it justice, we had over Jake's "portion of the stimulus" as a grocery bill (yes we took a FULL OVERFLOWING two carts to the checkout, and had to have three carts to take out). The non-food items added up to less than $20. I feel a little bit better now but I still have a ways to go. This week I only got food items. I still have all the soaps, and paper items, etc.
For those of you that are environmentally friendly, the girls take the bags to school for their recycling contest.

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Phoebe said...

What a great feeling!