Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving week of paradise

At this time, I would like to say, I'm so happy we're here and not home in the (high) 41, (low) 17 degree weather!Yay for hot tubs, pools, the beach, family and sunshine! This is how we kicked off our first real day at the beach.Old habits never die for Jake. He built his "volcano" for the kids to play in. (For examples click here (Hawaii 05). McKay loves hanging out with Aspen, so they were off in the waves and seashell pickings.Kirsten loves the water just as much. Unfortunately she had some minor jellyfish encounters. And of course, the volcano was a blast for the little (and bigger) kids.And as we said good-bye for the day, I'm am thankful there will be many more. (For another version click here.)


Lindsey said...

Did you know that baby powder makes the sand brush off easier. I just heard of it. Wow!!!! it looks so warm and Fun. It was 18 degrees this morning waiting for the bus. Next year I want to come.

Alice said...

I am jealous. There are NO beaches here in La Paz, but we are planning on having a great Thanksgiving. I am taking tomorrow off to bake.