Friday, November 21, 2008

When will he ever learn?

Being married to Jake will always keep me smiling.... and laughing. Tonight I wondered when Jake will realize what that little yellow light means in the corner by the gas gauge.So in the middle of Austin, in the middle of the evening, in the middle of the road. We ran out of gas..... we all remember Moab right?Luckily, we pushed, parked, and walked just down the road and down a block. We weren't so stranded this time. As Jake said on our walk to get gas, "This never happens to me, the last time was when I was in college......"

(We all remember Moab.)


hanner said...

I definitely remember Moab.

Hester said...

haha sucker

bonny with a Y said...

amy - i think you need to drive AT ALL TIMES from now on.