Sunday, November 30, 2008

Road trip Reality

  • Last night was Jake's last volcano (for awhile.)
  • This morning was an early (6am) farewell to the beach.
  • Throughout the day was a realization as we watched the temperature drop what we were in for when we get home.
  • After stopping for dinner and having 3 out of 4 kids spill their drink before dinner came, it came to the point where all I could do was laugh as the third one spilled, even though Jake was telling me it's not funny as he is holding in chuckles also. I'm sure people thought we were nuts.

On another note, we drove over 1,080 miles. We went from the southern tip of Texas to the North-western tip, through a corner of New Mexico, and we are now barely into Colorado. Tomorrow we will be home in another 800 miles.

I must say, we are quite the fam to punch out the miles.

I'm actually tired for once. It's now time for sleep.


N8ster said...

Wow, blogging while on the road. . . Impressive that you got so far.

By the way, we got a "courtesy notification" in the mail yesterday. With regard to your trailer, our HOA says that it is an items which is "deemed to be unsightly" and is a Category A Violation.

"If you have already moved the item, we thank you."

Min said...

Sorry we missed you while you were here. We'll have to catch you next time around.