Saturday, April 12, 2008

Going green

or brown or red. Arbor day came early for us this year. In fact, I think at our house we should have the whole month of April be Arbor month since that is our planting season. Today I planted 206 trees. (poplars and siouxlands)Just 814 more to go. Next week will be a very busy week....and this is the first shipment. There were a few things I had forgotten from last year. 1- Just how dirty you get, even with gloves, pants, and boots. Somehow the dirt just finds a way to your skin. (brown) 2- When the first real sunshine comes out and even though it's still a little breezy and not hot, you still need sunscreen. (red)Somehow Jake got the easy job today and delivered dirt and worked in the excavator all day. Where did I go wrong? Actually, I enjoyed planting the trees and getting out in the sun.Cruz and Kirsten played on top of dirt piles, drove the jeep, and rode bikes all day. Near the end of the day, Cruz was exhausted and tired of his shoes filling up with dirt (that's why his shoes were off). He was almost falling asleep on the four wheeler. Kirsten asked about 100 times when she would be able to water the trees. She was very happy when planting was done for the day and it was her turn to work. I'm sure this job will get old for the next couple weeks until Jake gets the sprinkler system back together.Jake decided to help move the last 25 trees I had planted. (I was tired and a little sore by this point.) Katanya wanted in on the fun and had to help "lift" every bucket.McKay made a deal with me Friday night. If she went to her friends and slept over then she would babysit (watch) Katanya all day for 1/2 price. What a steal for me. They were in and out several times all day but as soon as I was done and took over being a mom again, she went straight to the big piles. Who said girls can't play in dirt?

After a nice day of work, I went inside took a shower and took back my real job. I still had to make dinner and clean the house and do the laundry. Once again, where is the fairness here?


bet[c] said...

aren't you glad that you don't usually have an additional full time job that you have to go to? People always ask me what I'm going to do when Hazel goes to school. I just tell them that I don't have time for 2 full time jobs.

I like the picture of McKay, it's really cool.

Keli said...

That looks like a ton of fun. The dirt piles, I mean, not the planting of hundreds of trees. Good for you, though.

Kaahl said...

So i saw that pic of cruz and the handlebars of the four-wheeler sort of looked like a rifle and i thought he was getting a head start on being a sniper.