Monday, June 24, 2013

It couldn't hurt to try right?

 I'm officially 2 1/2 weeks away from my due date.  So my brother and his wife are visiting this weekend and my sitster-in-law and her family came in for a short hello too.
The girls decided to try to get the labor stages just a little more advanced.  They had me do a minute of vigorous tummy rubbing followed by 3 minutes of squats and lunges (x2).  This was there labor dance.  I was so sore in my thighs by the second time that I volunteered to go run a mile with them if they had bellies too.  Of course they did.  It was fun.  I made it slowly jogging with only one bathroom stop and one "catch-my-breath-stop."  And as my kids have asked me numerous times, no I don't think a baby will be coming tonight.
And although I'm pretty sore tonight, I can't wait to get out and do this for real.

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Hester said...

I think I tried everything possible to get Mosey to come early or even on time or even + 1 day (and on and on until +13 when he was finally born). I am now a firm believer that babies come when they are good and ready and want to, regardless of what we do. Sounds like ya'll are having fun!