Sunday, June 02, 2013

Another grade under the belts

One school year ago....August 2013 
 And now its over.  Its summer time.  It flew by at times and at others it seemed like it was going the same pace as a sloth would.  They have all gotten older and grown.  Wowzer.
Cruz and Katanya have LOVED their teachers this year.  Katanya had the same one that Cruz did last year.  In fact, they share a lot of things in common.  I love that these two play really good together!  (Did I mention they are the exact same weight, right down to the ounce?  Except Cruz has 2 1/2 inches on her right now.)
Kirsten LOVED her teacher as well!  She loved every day of fifth grade.  It was her last day in elementary school.
For her fifth grade promotion, we bought a new dress and shoes.  I fell in love with the dress before she did and we bought it as a "back up dress" in case we didn't find anything else.  For $20, you can't go wrong.  It turned out after three stores and too many hours, we couldn't find anything.  So it was a keeper.  She ended up falling in love with it that evening.  (Because it passed the twirling test.)
We are so proud of our kids!  Here's hoping to a long fun summer and praying the kids start getting along so I don't wish for school to start sooner than necessary.
P.S.  McKay didn't want any last day pictures in so there are no comparisons.  I can't believe we only have three more years with her in high school before she is graduated and off to college.  When did I get so old?

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