Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!

This year Anya turned 7 on the 18th! Happy Birthday!
She loves being an active girl.  So this year she got a big(ger) bike, roller skates, and protective gear. 
The gear was a must!
The roller skates were the big hit!  Ever since going with our friends a couple months ago, she has begged to do it again and again.
It only took a couple (or more) falls before she got the hang of it again.  She hates help and is very independent......
I wonder who she gets that from.
So my baby girl is now 7 and in second grade!
And not much longer she will be a big sister and not the baby anymore.  But she'll always be my sweetheart.  (Her missing tooth count is now up to six, four on top and two on the bottom.)

And of course, the birthday cake (the Texas Chocolate Sheet cake is preferred among the kids.) 
Make a wish!

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