Monday, June 03, 2013

A change in voice a little earlier than expected

Cruz had his tonsils out today. (Yes, this is after the surgery.)
It was the fastest surgery I've ever seen.  We checked in at 7:45, they took us back at 8:20, they wheeled him away at 8:40 and the doctor consulted me at 9:01.  10 minutes later I was with him while he was coming out of it (which wasn't the easy part as he realized how bad his throat hurt.  He did not want to be there,) and then at 11:05, we were discharged and headed home.
He wasn't happy until he got to push himself and ride in the wheelchair.  For some reason that made his day.
He came home and we set up a futon mattress, movies, and a white board to write on.  His first week of summer diet will consist of shakes, jello, smoothies, otter pops, yogurt, pudding, and other soft foods that he can eat.
They gave him the little stuffed dog at the hospital.  He has wanted that all day.  He was teasing about being able to remember everything before the surgery so he named it "Woofers."  He did remember his dog's name when he came out of it but he didn't remember any of his sisters.  He said he was the only child. 

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Alice said...

He looks great. Give him a hug from his grandma. We miss you guys and hope that you have a great summer.