Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Aftermath

So after Jake's mean trick, (okay not mean, pretty interesting actually,) there were a few things I wanted to add about the damage done.
  1. McKay read the blog and flipped. She doesn't handle stress very well. She came upstairs and asked why we were moving. Then she asked if she would be riding the same bus. I started to explain what dad was doing, but she had bottled it in too far. It took a good half hour to calm her down. Even after I explained the thing, she still was on edge and couldn't eat her spaghetti.
  2. I hate lying. For those of you that called and asked....that is why I passed you off to Jake. Thanks Betsy for not bringing it up because I probably would have spilled it. I was about to tell a couple of you but Jake had made me promise not to squeal. Sorry.
  3. Now I sorta like the thought of moving. It's getting too close to winter and that means cold and wind. Texas sounds great right now!!!! (Not joking.)

At the same time, I still love my house. It's my one place that is my "happy" spot. I just couldn't live without color.


Min said...

Anytime you want to move to Texas is fine with us!

bet[c] said...

I wondered how McKay would be.

I did want to ask. But since you didn't bring it up, I didn't.

Please come stay with us. I'm serious about the summer/winter home idea. You live here with me in the winter. We'll come stay with you in the summers. We'll get the best of both worlds!

amy k said...

Don't tempt me. I'm serious when I say I would be there so fast that you won't have time to uninvite us. After Halloween it's all "winter" for us. Also,I would LOVE it if you guys spent the summer here! That would be so much fun. Serious, you should really do it.

Hester said...

poor mckay!

come to Oslo with me, the winter is even longer there!