Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Priceless Moment

Cost of two movie tickets = $19
Cost of two large drinks = $11

Total Movie Date = PRICY! Where the heck have we been for the last 3 years.

Jake and I couldn't believe how much movie prices have gone up. I guess reality hit when we finally went late last night. It's a shame but we haven't been since the summer of '05 when Axel was with us, and even then we went to a matinee if I remember correctly.

Now the question is......Is it just here or is it that way everywhere else?

Final conclusion:

Cost of our overnight anniversary alone time date = PRICELESS


Earl and Vickie said...

Yeah, we tend to go to the last matinee before the evening prices. The plus is that it's dinner time and it's not very crowded.

traci said...

We pay about $17, if we aren't seeing a movie listed on the five buck list. I love the five buck club. And yeah, we tend to spend as much at the concession buying popcorn and a drink. Highway robbery. Happy anniversary!